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The power of amino acids for hair

Increasingly, personal care items such as shampoos, conditioners and liquid soaps feature on their packaging that they contain a “combination of amino acids”. These types of products feature a number of benefits such as hydration, conditioning, and repair. Amino acids are also used in fitness lines and diet products, making them more and more inseparable companions from the female audience.

Shiny and silky hair, with amino acids

Maintaining natural hydration is important not only for the skin, but also for the hair, and this is one of the roles of the cuticle - the outermost layer of the hair, responsible for protecting the capillary interior, including amino acids.

Like the skin, cuticles undergo a constant process of aggression from the environment, resulting in their weakening and, consequently, erosion. Both daily practices, such as washing and brushing; as for the most harmful processes, such as thermal (iron, dryer) and chemical (dyeing, straightening); cause wear on the cuticle, damaging it and, as this occurs, the beauty of the hair goes away. That's why it's important to take care of the cuticles, and it's been proven that shampoos, conditioners and treatments containing certain types of amino acids contribute to the restoration of the cuticle and moisture retention, resulting in less brittle, shinier, silkier and healthier hair!

Amino acids for hair: understand the importance!
Amino acids for hair play an important role in the health of the hair and, although the hair already has these elements through keratin, it is possible that they end up losing strength due to various factors such as pollution, solar radiation, chemical procedures, among others.

The good news is that the replacement of these amino acids is possible, through specific products, such as hydration ampoules, repair masks, leave-in, among others.

To have really healthy wires, having a better idea about amino acids and how to make this replacement makes a lot of difference. So, find out more about the powers of amino acids for hair below and start taking better care of your hair!

What are amino acids for hair and why are they important?

The hair is made up of a protein called keratin and it is exactly what gives strength and resistance to the hair. However, this protein is made up of at least 16 different types of amino acids, such as: arginine, cysteine, cystine, tyrosine, among others.

Thus, amino acids are essential for the hair to be strong and resistant, in addition to helping in the production of red blood cells, which provide essential vitamins to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

What are the main amino acids for hair?

How do you know if your hair needs amino acids?

What are the ways to replace amino acids in wires?

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